The Re-Bedding keeps the entire roof stable and strong by helping to bind the concrete tiles to the roof’s framework. Re-Bedding, which is famous for its firmness and adaptability and is made of a mixture of sand and cement, can deteriorate over time if exposed to the elements repeatedly.

Re-bedding Service

The Re-Bedding, consisting of a 4:1 sand-to-cement combination, stabilises and helps align all the valley mortar and ridge capping. After being exposed to the elements for a long time, your bedding may deteriorate, failing to hold the capping tiles in place and allowing them to slide down and remain out of alignment, potentially allowing water to seep into your ceiling. All capping must be removed to solve this issue, and all old mortar must be removed and replaced to make the following step, flexible pointing, easier.

Importance of Re-bedding Service

The cement mortar known as “Re-Bedding” secures the roof tiles. The bedding experiences natural wear and tear over time. Loose tiles frequently indicate that the roof tile must be re-bedded. If the bedding is not maintained, it could crack or separate, exposing the roof tiles. Unsecured roof tiles can quickly become dislodged or even slide off the roof, creating unsafe for anybody around and leaving your home vulnerable to adverse weather.

Regular roof inspections are crucial to preventing severe damage to your roof and the structural integrity of your entire home. Our knowledgeable and fully experienced roofing technicians may perform in-depth and individualised re-bedding as part of the comprehensive service we provide to our highly valued customers to increase the condition and life of your roof. Today, you can extend the roof’s life by trusting N&Y Constructions Pty Ltd.

Affordable Re-bedding Service

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