Re-Pointing shields your property from water intrusion that could lead to mould growth and other water-related problems. Re-Pointing is the final application of an acrylic pre-coloured flexible mixture that has the flexibility to tolerate inclement weather and small structural movements. This ensures extra-strong security for all ridge capping and other locations to which it may be applied.

Re-pointing Service

In building, re-pointing refers to fixing the pointing, which is the visible portion of mortar joints. Water can enter your home through cracks in your roof or even the deterioration of the mortar separating the bricks in your walls, which can lead to several costly damages.

The connections between concrete elements, typically in bricks and roof tiles, can develop gaps and voids over time due to weathering and degradation, which unintentionally allows water to enter the structure.

The pointing, a part of the roof’s design that covers the ridges and rises, keeps water and wind from entering the ceiling and deeper into the house. The mortar holding the pointing in place may deteriorate and crack over time, creating structural instability.

Our Re-Pointing service will offer extra protection from the elements and ordinary wear and tear from typical weather while enhancing the appearance and feel of your home and raising its overall value.

Importance of Re-pointing

Re-Pointing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property while ensuring that your home is safe from water-related damage. Our team is skilled at spotting possible concerns and can offer suggestions for both immediate remedies and longer-term solutions to the challenges brought on by mortar degradation.

Our expert team can extend the lifespan and reduce the maintenance needs of roofs by utilising contemporary roofing technology and advancements. Re-Pointing helps keep your roof more robust for longer by preventing mortar from breaking and letting in water or wind. This also enables the pointing to bend with the wind and soil shifts.

Affordable Re-pointing

Re-Pointing service is created to satisfy unique needs and is affordable for everyone. Our devoted and skilled roofers will be able to help – no matter how difficult the requirements. 

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